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Pixocity offers a diverse range of outdoor - indoor sets, including a film city with 55 sets and a beach location with props.

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose from the various sets available in the film city for your pre-wedding shoot.

Pixocity may have sets that incorporate natural elements. Inquire about the available options for a more diverse and natural backdrop.

  • The beach location is designed to accommodate both day and evening shoots, providing versatile options for capturing different lighting conditions.

Pixocity may have arrangements for natural and artificial lighting. Ask about the available lighting options and whether additional lighting services are provided.

Yes, Pixocity encourages couples to schedule visits to explore the available locations and sets before finalizing their pre-wedding shoot.

Come Shoot At Pi'x'ocity Anytime Of The Year. Every Season Here Will Have Different Colours And New Sets.

  • Inquire about the availability of backup indoor locations in case of unexpected weather changes to ensure a seamless pre-wedding shoot experience.

    • Yes, the airplane set is available for pre-wedding shoots and is located in phase 2 of Pixocity Filmcity.

    • Pixocity Filmcity offers various full-day packages starting from 17,000 INR, providing flexibility for couples with different budget preferences.

    • Yes, outfits are available on a rental basis. For booking outfit rentals, you can contact the provided phone number.

    • Yes, Pixocity Filmcity has experienced makeup artists who have been working with the team for several years.

    • Yes, accommodation facilities are available within Pixocity Filmcity. To book a stay, contact the provided phone number.

    • Yes, you can easily change your shooting date by messaging your order ID and the new date. Confirmation will be sent via email.

    • Pixocity Filmcity focuses on providing locations, but there are many photographers who frequently shoot at Pixocity. Assistance in selecting a photographer is available once your slot is booked.

    • The creative team offers support in various aspects, including location selection, outfit choices, scriptwriting, song selection, and other creative elements to make your pre-wedding experience charming.

    • Yes, the creative team is skilled in scriptwriting and can help with song selection to add a personalized touch to your pre-wedding shoot.

    • To book Pixocity, a token amount of 5000 INR is required. The rest of the payment can be made when you come for the shoot. Booking details include name, phone number, address, and email address. Upon booking, a confirmation email is sent, allowing you to finalize your date at any time.